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Back To School For Moms

Back To School doesn’t mean that our momma customers have to stop dressing up! Take this tunic for example, and a pair of our favorite skinny jeans… We’ve got more where that comes from!


Back To School For College Students

College can be an intimidating time in anyone's’ life, but with the right outfit, and great attitude, we promise it’ll allow you to have a fabulous school year!


Back To School For Teachers

As a teacher, we think it’s so important to dress how you’d like your students to view you! Sophisticated? Cool? We’ve got styles that will make you feel great walking through that classroom door.


Back To School For Kids

Looking for adorable, fashionable clothing for Back To School? From Graphic Tees, to short appropriate for school, we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for at our Downtown Chico Shop!