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Prom 101

Posted by Baily James on 30th Apr 2019

Before Prom

Whether it's your first prom or last, your night should be absolutely perfect. In order to make sure your night goes absolutely amazing, you must do some planning beforehand. As a high schooler, I know that prom is something you can’t mess up, so here are 6 things you should have before you make the best memories of your life!

1. Date, Friends, or Both!

The first step of planning your perfect prom night should be who you’re going with. You can take a date, friends, or both, whatever you want to do! To get your friends or date to go to prom, you may want to consider doing a “promposal” for them. A “promposal” is a cute way to ask someone to prom. Once you know who you’re going with, buying your dress and making other plans will be a lot easier.

2. The Dress

The dress makes or breaks the night. There are a few options for getting your perfect dress for your special night. You could rent a dress for a fraction of the price and in great condition. The only downside is that you need to be careful not to ruin the dress and you cannot keep it. You could buy your dress and keep it after and do whatever you want with it later. A con to that though is the price: some prom dresses can be very expensive. Finally, you could borrow a dress. If you borrow a dress, you could get it for free (depending on who you’re borrowing it from) and in possibly great condition. A con to this is that you cannot keep it after.

3. Accessories

Along with your dress, your accessories are there to bring some bling to your night. You could go subtle or bright, big or small, your jewelry adds a bit of flare to your dress. An important piece to your outfit is a small purse or clutch to hold some money, your ID, some lipstick, your phone, some mints, and anything else you think you will need for the night. Accessories are your choice of how you want to elaborate on your outfit.

4. Appointments

For your night, you should treat yourself to a getting your hair, nails, and make up done! You can go out or stay in, but getting your hair and makeup done by a professional, a friend, yourself, or whoever will help your night feel and look great is important. Make sure to schedule your appointments well in advance so that you can get your appointments when you want them.

5. Transportation

Transportation is a very important part of prom because, well, how else would you get there? You can drive your own car, rent a limo, or borrow your parent’s car, whatever you think gets you to prom in style. Make sure, however, that if you decide to rent a limo, you do it ASAP.

6. Tickets & Reservations.

Finally, you need to get tickets and reservations. The first ticket you should get is your prom ticket. As a member of the student body government at my school, I can firmly say that the sooner you buy your ticket, the better! After getting your prom ticket, you should make dinner reservations if the place you and your date or friends will need them.