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10 Home Styling Tips  From Heirloom Fox

10 Home Styling Tips From Heirloom Fox

Posted by Amy Quinto on 10th Feb 2020

Last week, Ashley DeKellis, a local interior designer and owner of the Heirloom Fox House Airbnb, graciously invited us to come use her chic and stylish home as a backdrop for our latest release of Anika Burke Living products. We had such a fun time shooting the products in her Pinterest-worthy abode that I couldn't help but ask her about her home styling strategies.

But first, a bit about Ashley-- she started her successful career in interior design in Northern California three years ago. She has a background in fashion from Cal State Long Beach, but has since found her passion in home styling and Airbnb management and design. She designs for both Airbnb homes and commercial spaces and enjoys creating spaces that are trendy and feel like a vacation-- places where someone would want to come, stay, take some pictures for the 'gram, and relax. She purchased her home, the Heirloom Fox House, as both a home for her and her son and a chic retreat for those wishing to spend the weekend in Chico, California. She describes her style as a "collected look" that is always ongoing and evolving and gets inspired by photos she finds on Pinterest. For her work as an Airbnb manager and designer, she styles her clients' homes to match their needs and lifestyles, and she had some suggestions on how you can do the same! 

1) Showcasing pieces that tell a story. She loves using unique accessory pieces in her spaces; ones that tell a story, are hand-crafted, or have had a past life. She finds many of her pieces at thrift stores, but she also loves including family heirlooms and items from stores like Target into her designs. Another way she utilizes this tip is through having her own custom pieces made, like this awesome California sign she has hanging by her pool!

2) Placing "like" items together. She believes mixing styles is totally fine as long as you do it in a thoughtful way. She recommends placing "like" items together (for example, vases go with other vases, brass items are staged with other brass pieces, soft items are all laid out together, etc.) and layering them is key. 

3) Mixing textures. Mixing textures together is another one of her strategies. She will mix things such as wooden furniture with super soft textiles to balance out the room and add dimension to the space. 

4) Hanging unique art. For wall hangings and decor, she loves unique art, vintage art, and even making your own art pieces. One of the main pieces in her living room she actually made herself using a framed canvas art piece she got at a thrift store and some extra paint she found laying around her garage!

5) Selecting plants that work for your schedule. She uses lots of plants in her styling, but she definitely takes into consideration her clients' lifestyles and schedules when adding them to their homes. Some require more care than others, and this is just a small way that she is able to tailor the design to allow for easy upkeep.

6) Reduce, reuse, recycle! Ashley is very into the reduce, reuse, recycle method-- she will purchase items for her home second-hand, shop at antique stores, or give current pieces that she already has a makeover to keep things interesting while not creating waste. When she does decide to get rid of something to make room for a new piece, she prefers to list the items on resale platforms like Craigslist so that those items go to a new home instead of a dumpster.

7) Shopping vintage. She agrees that vintage items can sometimes be more well than newer items, and she finds many of her larger pieces (such as her day bed couch) second-hand and simply adds new covers to make them trendy!

8) Deterring clutter through moving items around. She uses a tactic that many people may not think about when redoing their home-- she simply moves items from one room to another to make room for new pieces and deter a cluttered look! This way you also get to update more than one space at a time without spending any money.

9) Using white as a base color. Many people may be afraid of using white as a base color, but there are many benefits to this that far outweigh the fears. White is bright and can be used to brighten any room. A great way to bring color back into the space is to create colored accent walls or use colorful artwork to make the room stand out. With a white base, your accessories and furniture pieces will also really pop as well. 

10) Find inspiration on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for your home. Definitely check out the Anika Burke Living collection Dream Home board on our Pinterest page to see more photos of the Heirloom Fox House and our latest product releases!

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Want to stay at the Heirloom Fox House? You can rent out the space for a weekend  here

Photos by AQ Photography.