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Our Story

The Story of Becoming Anika Burke
The Story of Becoming Anika Burke

It all really started back in 1999. I was young and in love with the idea of business and had a serious obsession with clothing, fashion and everything in between. As I walked the streets of Hollywood trying to pedal the most amazing faux fur blankets that my friend was making in her LA suburb home I dreamed of making Anika Burke a national brand.
Fast forward a few years to 2003, I was a young mom living back in my hometown at the base of the most amazing mountain and was wanting to break free from the family business and to do my own thing. At this time I really could not pursue MY dream because I did not want to compete with the people who taught me all I know, aka my parents. So a little baby boutique was born and soon I was bored. I loved my customers and I loved the freedom of being my own boss, but baby clothes were not my thing.
So in 2004 we packed up our little family of 3 and moved away to Bend, OR. Being in Bend I was able to expand my wings and grow and fail, and grow some more. Bend was fun but after a bad miscarriage and another pregnancy HOME was calling my name.

In 2006 was born and our little baby boutique in the heart of Mount Shasta metamorphed into a fun high end shop for mom and baby, soon after our sweet little Burkie was born. We had a lot of fun in Mount Shasta, but then the recession hit and Scott’s stable job in construction became not so stable, once again uprooting my little shop, as Scott pursued his dreams.

In the fall of 2009 we landed in the middle nowhere (Chico, CA) for Scott to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer, but unbeknownst to us Anika Burke EXPLODED, and my dream became ‘OUR’ dream, and a little magic happened as our 3rd baby, AKA Anika Burke Downtown Chico, was born at 211 Main Street. Our shop is ever evolving and I am still trying to figure out how to make my BIGGEST dream of becoming a national known name in fashion come true. But until then I will just keep dreaming and sharing my LOVE of beautiful goodness with you!

Love, Anika Burke