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Start Your Own Bullet Journal

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Summer seems to insight a sense of reflection and excitement about life and what we can accomplish in the time we have. Even with work and a busy schedule there is still, for me, a hope for some sort of new adventure. This happens other seasons as well, but it's typical that when I get this excitement I also lack a sense of organization, causing me to occasionally fail to reach the goals I thought up. That's why this idea of a bullet journal can make such an impact in the everyday life as well as the big picture by organizing your thoughts in a personalized and forward thinking way.

A bullet journal consists of four key concepts: The index, collections, rapid-logging, and migration.

1. Index

This is where you organize the contents of your journal. You can fill it with whatever collections you like and really make it your own!

2. Collections

Every page in the Bullet Journal is a given topic and these topics are referred to as Collections. There are 3 main types of Collections that make up the Bullet Journal (Future Log, Monthly Log, and Daily Log).

Examples of collections include a personal goal mindmap, lists, logs, goal plans and trackers and more. One of my favorite ideas is a gratitude log where you write down 3 things you are thankful for each night.

3. Rapid-logging: Rapid-logging consists of Bullets and Signifiers.

4. Migration: Migration is the act of moving tasks you haven't completed to another collection. It is typically done at the end of the month when preparing the next month's log.

Learn more about how to start your own bullet journal at http://www.sarahschapter.co.uk/2016/02/starting-bullet-journal.html or http://www.tinyrayofsunshine.com/blog/bullet-journal-guide

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