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Amy's 10 Favorite Ways to Relax

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While there are many different ways to relax, here are some of my favorites! Not only have they allowed me to take a break during my busy days, but they've helped me live a more balanced life.

1) Meditate outdoors-- There is nothing like being surrounded by nature and being able to find your inner peace. You don't have to do yoga to meditate either, you can simply sit on a bench or in the grass to silence your mind.

2) Take yourself out for a coffee or tea-- I love this trick. Stepping away from my desk to walk down the street and grab a coffee gets my body moving and lets my mind take a break for a few minutes.

3) Have a lazy day in-- Sometimes you just need a day in bed. If you can't forgo a whole day, try setting your alarm for five minutes later than usual or by taking a 20-minute power nap to re-energize yourself.

4) Appreciate the natural beauty around you by going on a walk-- There is such natural beauty around us that we pass right by on our drive to work or while looking down at our phones. Take a minute to appreciate the beauty around you by experiencing it all on a walk or run.

5) Go for a massage or take a relaxing hot bath-- After a long day of sitting at a desk, there is nothing I want more than a hot bath to sooth my sour muscles. Make it extra relaxing by lighting some candles, soaking in a bath bomb or Epsom salt, or by bringing a great read with you! 

6) Create something beautiful-- I have found that doodling isn't my forte, but drawing has really helped me express myself and let out some of my pent up frustrations. Art is great because it is so versatile-- you can throw darts at paint balloons, draw, or mold sculptures for a more hands-on approach. You just have to find what works for you.

7) Find your happy place-- Mine happens to be poolside with a frozen lemonade in my hand. Yours may be sitting at the base of a tree near your house, a super comfy chair at your favorite coffee shop, or watching the sunset after hiking up a hill.

8) Unwind by spending time with friends or family-- Spending time with my friends and family is super relaxing for me. It gives me a chance to let my brain rest and just enjoy the company.

9) Spend time doing what you love-- Doing things I enjoy is an automatic stress release. One of my favorite phrases is "when you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life," and I think that is totally true. My jobs are super fun, and I find inner peace when I'm doing something I love.

10) My personal favorite, sleep!-- My favorite part about my room is my comfy bed, and yours probably is, too. Sleeping is a big part of living a healthy, happy life, so make sure you're catching all your ZZZ's!

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